This website is for collection of my thoughts. I don’t consider myself superior to anyone, I don’t consider myself inferior to anyone. So the contents here are not to teach anything to anyone. When you read these contents and if it resonates with you or you like it, you are very much welcome on a red carpet with rose petals on it, to spend your time here.

A person generally is not in the habit of introspection, thinking about life etc. They are generally engaged in their daily chore or for change they do various things but they hardly think about life. So do I, generally.

But I used to feel like I am not giving my attention to something. This feeling was like buzzing inside me continuously, sometimes vibrating strongly probably when my attention is not so strong somewhere else, and sometimes vibrating lightly or negligibly, probably when I’m concentrating hard on something. So I decided to collect my thoughts. Hence I decided to create this website.

Every human is formed with the inherent belief of “freedom” and when they face situations in their life which attack that inherent feeling of freedom, the person simply does not feel good. they’re not in their default state at which they arrive in this world. This is my belief based out of my experiences. So I decided to create this website around the theme “freedom”.

I don’t know about the way I was brought up, how I used to think and what beliefs were formed…some good and favorable, some unfavorable (let’s not use word bad). But now I try to consciously form my beliefs and these circumambulate around four words “its all in mind“. So I focus on ways I can alter my thoughts so that I feel freedom.

The contents here are outputs of this way of thoughts. I hope you enjoy it and have fun because certainly my intentions are this (to have fun) while creating this website. To repeat, I don’t consider myself superior to anyone, I don’t consider myself inferior to anyone. In my belief we’re all equal despite of age, color, caste, creed and the likes. So accept and apply the message, process info given here in your life only if you feel they would help you. I would suggest you to give time to your feelings to become clear about this website and so spend some time here first before making any opinion. The first impression is NOT the last impression in many cases. Since the theme of this website is such which generally people hardly ponder over, so it will take time to generate some considerable vibes in you which you can infer and form opinions about.

Moreover, since financial freedom is one of the big parts of a life lived freely I believe using technology properly can facilitate us achieving financial freedom. Hence the thought of exploring Internet Marketing excited me and the prospects it holds enticed me. Why? Just imagine your reach when your business is run on Internet 24*7*365. I stopped thinking of other ways to achieve Financial Freedom when I realized the full prospects of Internet Marketing by doing some research. So the contents here will include related topics as well.

I hope you have a satisfactory stay here and you are welcome to visit frequently spending as much time as it makes you feel good. But don’t stay if this does not give you good feelings because there’s nothing more important than feeling good.

Enjoy and have fun !

Note. This website or its contents does not take any responsibility for events in people’s lives following the message here. Every person feel differently for same things and situations based upon their beliefs, which affect their choices. This website does not claim or guarantee any result or outcome. The contents are purely based on subjective opinion.