Introspect and analyse Life

Are we living OUR Life?

Hi, this one is to reflect upon the things we do in our daily lives, the decisions we make, do they originate from what we really believe? Are those ours or affected by someone else’s opinions / thinking? Are they in line with our own principles? By the way, the principles we live by, are they Really ours? Moreover, do people actually know what their principles are?

As you know this website advocates Freedom. When we are free, we feel light and live life to its full, a quality life. So, I decided to write on this topic to introspect and make some conclusions because without conclusions we cannot take decisions. And after getting some conclusions on our daily decisions we can take better decisions which would help us feel lighter, feel free.

So, let’s read and I hope it helps you in changing few things in your life which helps you to live light. Oh! it rhymed  😉

Introspect and analyse Life

A while back I was talking with a friend, a casual conversation when on some topic a question popped up in my mind, Are we Really living our own life?

No two children from different families are raised in an exact way. There is no Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) universally accepted yet to raise a child. When we are infants our life is directed by our parents and guardians who raise us according to what they believe is best for us. They feed us with food and liquids they believe is best, they protect us from insects /pets, from extreme nature of weather, from other humans, from dirt and from whatever they believe could harm us. When we grow up a little we are told what to do, what not to do, with whom to be friends, where to go and where not to go, what to eat and what not to eat, which games we play and which we cannot, when we should go to sleep and so on. Almost every child dislike going to school still we have to go. We study what we are told to study, we do not know if that is going to help us at all in life but still we study. The food breaks are pre defined and we have to even eat during that interval only, if we want to eat. Some question mark on the freedom but that’s how it is. It’s not that I will debate on the righteousness of this practice, I won’t. I am just highlighting how, generally, a child grows doing things against his freedom most of the time.

During all this time, the child is getting conditioned. No, the child does not know this and I wonder if the parents / guardians also are conscious of this. But whatever is happening in the child’s life, they are forming experiences which will affect his/her opinions later in their lives.

So, as the child’s life move, their experiences are formed. These experiences form the child’s beliefs. The child’s beliefs are also formed by the talks and instructions from his/her parents or guardians.

Now, everybody takes various decisions in their day to day life, some becomes a chore. Now how do we take those decisions? We take them out of our formed beliefs. If I analyse beliefs, these are the thoughts and experiences fed and instilled in our subconscious mind depending upon the way we grew up. We know that when we take birth we are run by subconscious mind, we breathe, our hearts beat, our internal organ functions perfectly all due to subconscious mind. Anyways, we read above that a major part of our beliefs are formed by talks and instructions of our parents/guardians and our experiences which are also affected by our parents/guardians mindset because we do things as we are told. As we keep on doing things in a certain way out of certain beliefs, these thoughts get instilled in our sub conscious mind and they form our mindset.

So a person forms a particular mindset based upon experiences which are formed by taking decisions based upon certain beliefs which are not the person’s own. When we grow up to take our decisions on our own, we take them out of our already formed mindset. So, are we living Our Life?

Now, I understand and totally agree that this is the way any child would grow up. His/her parents or guardians would do what They believe is best for them and hence, initially, the child’s principles and beliefs would be similar to their parents or guardians. However, how many of us take time out of our routine life and introspect? How many of us analyse the way we live is really the way we want to live? How many of us ponder over our beliefs and decide if they should remain the same throughout our life?

Living our lives our way is very simple, if you have the courage to do so. What we require to live our lives which we can really call Ours, is to take a break from our busy lives as we hardly in our lives take time to think profoundly and relax. Give peace to our minds because when mind is at peace we are in a proper and sensible position to analyze things. When the mind is calm, relaxed, at peace and free from all tension, analyze your beliefs.  Analyse in a given situation the decisions you generally make is really yours or is affected by something or someone. Think other alternatives to that decision. More importantly, make decisions on the basis of what makes you feel good. If the decision you make is really yours it will give you good, happy and peaceful feelings.

Life created by experiences by decisions

Your decisions give you experiences. Your experiences collectively form your Life. So what do you choose…do you choose to Live Your Own Life?  It’s your decision, Really Yours, Own.

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