“Check Mark” theory for Success Motivation

Check mark theory for success motivation

This content is written keeping in mind the fact that a lot of people start something but when they do not see success initially, they quit. There’s a concept, call it a theory, which I follow in my life. This concept helps me stay persistent in the decisions I take. So, with this content I … Read more

Can you achieve Financial Freedom if you get Free Lifelong Targeted Traffic?

Lifelong Traffic_Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is a big part of living a free life. Hence, I occasionally share with my readers the ways to achieve the same. This is one such way, or rather, an opportunity. Let’s see for yourself if it interests you. Suppose if someone offered you an opportunity to become a partner site of Facebook … Read more

Opportunity to Secure your Future Financially

It is said diversify your income sources for a secured future. Some say put all your eggs in one basket for a proper focus and victory. According to me it all depends on individual opinion and how he/she gets stimulated towards their targets. Every person’s mind behaves differently and these beliefs may or may not … Read more

How To Increase Productivity, Get Results and Excel in whatever you do – Part 3, Concentration

Increase productivity through concentration

When you read the Intro of this series, you would know that this topic attempts to discuss on few traits that would facilitate Success. When we achieve success we feel good, elated and hence Free 🙂 . In my previous article in this series I expressed my opinions on profoundly involving yourself and doing in … Read more

Are we living OUR Life?

Introspect and analyse Life

Hi, this one is to reflect upon the things we do in our daily lives, the decisions we make, do they originate from what we really believe? Are those ours or affected by someone else’s opinions / thinking? Are they in line with our own principles? By the way, the principles we live by, are … Read more

Cryptocurrency – a different way to achieve Financial Freedom

Trading in cryptocurrency to earn money

Hi, hope you had a fantastic New Year celebration! To make your 2016 even more awesome and probably one of the last year you would work for money, I bring into your knowledge the opportunity you probably won’t find if you do not have dreams of achieving financial freedom and living the life of your … Read more