Lifelong Traffic_Financial Freedom

Can you achieve Financial Freedom if you get Free Lifelong Targeted Traffic?

Financial Freedom is a big part of living a free life. Hence, I occasionally share with my readers the ways to achieve the same. This is one such way, or rather, an opportunity. Let’s see for yourself if it interests you.

Lifelong Traffic_Financial Freedom

Suppose if someone offered you an opportunity to become a partner site of Facebook when FB was just starting out and that means you get to advertise whatever offers you want to, forever. Get millions of visitors to your offer without paying any cent, ever. Would you have taken it?

Facebook did not provide this kind of opportunity to, at least public. But, for the past few months I have been following an idea which took birth to

  • Help people (and so it resonated with me)
  • Solve a problem which caused around $22Bn loss in just 2015

What’s the offer

The offer is to become a Partner Site of a Social Network which is currently in Beta. Becoming a Partner site will have following benefits.

  • Your Blog / Website link will be on the Homepage
  • Your Blog / Website link will be in the list of Partner sites inside the Dashboard
  • You will get 10k credits to advertise what you want to the users of social network

And here is the excitement part, becoming a Partner is Free. Yes, you read that right, it’s Free.

Now imagine what it can do to your business. Your link getting advertised on the Homepage and inside Dashboard of a Social Network whose members, you know, keeps on increasing with increased Internet users. With time you get hundreds of thousands of hits to your link. Are ideas flashing in your mind what you can do with this number of traffic?

You can create a product OR you can use affiliate system to earn commissions but unless you can get traffic to that, you won’t earn. And this is exactly what you would get and that too for life, in increasing numbers.

Background about the concept

It all started from a person who wanted to help people earn money online and build a Passive Income because that’s what gives the Freedom to actually live and not just struggle your way to the grave. Once the intention was set ideas flowed. One thing lead to another and a problem came into notice. Research was done on this problem and an idea took birth.

Since past more than 6 months work is being done to give that idea a tangible shape and ability to solve the problem and I believe this idea has the potential to bring the revolution in Internet experience.

What problem this idea is solving

You know a publisher requires money to run his website / blog. Over the cost, they also expect some revenue for the work they put. Of all the sources of online revenue the basic one is to sell your website space for advertisements. Now, these advertisements are mostly pesky in nature and hence this nature resulted in the rise of “Ad Blockers”. If you know the concept of ad blockers, these are a browser extension which when used block all the advertisements on a website giving the users irritation free experience.

However, this has resulted in loss of revenue because unless the adverts are shown no cent is paid to publishers. The scale of this problem can be judged from the fact that in 2015 around $22Bn of revenue was lost due to ad blockers. With increased usage this loss would only increase.

Wherever the problem is, the solution is around the corner. And this person found the same and evolved it into a concept which will result in giving the authority to Internet users (like you and me) to decide how much a web publisher should earn. If the user likes what the publisher offers they will contribute in the publishers’ revenue else not.

Let’s read about the concept in detail.

The concept

Below Infographic can give you an idea about the concept.

adzbuzz_infographicSo as you can see from the image, company will earn its revenue from various sources. They will then distribute this revenue to the users / members of the social network platform, Adzbuzz. There will be segregation of this distributed revenue. Most probably it’d be as follows

  1. One portion would be reserved for users to Donate to websites / blogs
  2. One portion would be reserved to be spent on the partner sites of Adzbuzz
  3. One portion would be at the sole discretion of users. They even can withdraw the same as their income

This will give users the money, i.e., the power to decide whether a website / bog deserve to be paid or not. Currently the websites who are fighting the adblocker issue is giving generally two options. Either remove the adblocker for that particular site or subscribe to them and pay some money out of your pocket. If you don’t do this then websites won’t let you access their contents. But with this plan, the users won’t have to pay anything from their pocket. The company pays the user to reward / Donate the websites if they like their content. Hence, the control is with the general Internet users (like you and me).

This will also benefit numerous online entrepreneurs who sell their products. It’s because the users of Adzbuzz would already have money to be spent on partner sites. Hence, it means that partner sites already have buyers who have free money to be spent. If you sell products you can imagine how many potential buyers you can get with the growth of Adzbuzz network to millions of users who are paid to spend on partner sites.

Let’s elaborate a bit on the company’s revenue sources.

Sources from which revenue would be shared by company with Adzbuzz users

Referring the infographic again the sources are as follows

Adzbuzz Ads. If you have knowledge of how Facebook earns billions of dollars as revenue, you would know the concept. Advertisers / marketers use the inbuilt ad server inside the social network platform to target their traffic (on the basis of several parameters). Those marketers pay the fee for advertising to the social network’s users. Marketers make sales, social network earns income and users get products / opportunities. You can imagine the scale of revenue the company would earn to distribute to general users when the network grows to millions of users.

Adzbuzz Pay. When you transact online you need a payment processor which you can use as an intermediary to transfer money to and from your bank account. The payment processor charges a percentage of transaction as its fee. If you are aware of payment processors like Paypal, Payza, Coinpayments etc. you know what I mean. So, the company is building its own payment processor the revenue of which will be used to distribute to Adzbuzz users.

Adzcoin wallet. When you create your free account on Adzbuzz, you will get an online wallet where the company will send you the coins which you can use to Donate, buy products and/or withdraw. When a user does a transaction through that wallet a small fee is deducted. Now, with increase of Adzbuzz users to millions, volume will increase and that small percent will convert in substantial amount that would be distributed back to users.

ADZcoin_the altcoin_cryptocurrencyI read somewhere a sentence which I feel is apt to describe this crypto currency ADZcoin (Adz), which is the base on which the whole business is established.

Adzcoin will act as a fuel for Free Internet Experience.

And how this will be possible?

Company is in the process of creating an API which people could use anywhere a hyperlink is used. Like Youtube videos, Forum signatures, Blog comments, emails etc. The possibilities would be endless. So this means that anybody who provides value on Internet can be compensated by the general Internet users who would be paid by the company for this purpose. This will contribute to make “Adzcoin act as a fuel for Free Internet Experience”

Adzbuzzer – the feature accelerating the growth of Adzbuzz to millions of users

Earn income through Adzbuzzer

You must be familiar with Facebook share button, the white ‘f’ over blue. You would use that share button on your blog or website, people click that and it helps you bring traffic to that page of yours. With Adzbuzzer the publisher will benefit twofold. One, the publisher will be able to drive traffic to their content and two the publisher will be able to earn. So, whenever a person clicks the Adzbuzzer on any publisher’s page, they will be given options to Donate or Share or do both, amazing right!

To emphasise, with Adzbuzzer the users would be able to donate money which they will get free from the company. Plus, if the person is not a member of Adzbuzz, they can also become the referral of the publisher and earn them lifelong referral income too. Since the offer to become a partner site is available to 1 million websites and since the Adzbuzzer will help them earn income and bring traffic, those publishers would love to use Adzbuzzer on their sites.

Now, imagine how viral this can be. How quick Adzbuzz can grow when Adzbuzzer will help spread the concept to thousands of readers of just one website. Thousands of websites using Adzbuzzer will spread the concept to millions of Internet users like wildfire. Now here comes the opportunity to utilise and earn some substantial money. Company would use the cryptocurrency “Adzcoin” and if you know about Bitcoin, 1 Bitcoin trades at $550+ at the time of writing this article. Now, Bitcoin have around 4Mn users and you just read how quickly Adzbuzz would grow to millions of members. So…you’re intelligent enough to infer further. So, stack as much Adz as you can now when it trades in cents at the moment and sell later when Adzcoin get a real value when business officially launches.

You can refer this report on how to purchase ADZcoin.

How it will benefit you

  • As a general user, imagine when you will be paid money to spend on partner sites and buy products or offers. That experience will be free for you. You won’t be scared to buy products, take chances and utilise opportunities as what you’re spending is nothing out of your pocket.
  • Since a portion of the distributed revenue could be withdrawn, you will actually earn money for the most precious thing in a person’s life, Time. Connect with your friends and family, socialise with them and earn for doing so.
  • As an online publisher / entrepreneur, imagine when you would have millions of people getting paid to buy things from you or to reward your contents.
  • If you have a website / blog you can become a Partner Site for free and get your link on the Homepage and inside Dashboard forever and receive traffic for life.
  • Adzbuzz has a referral system in place and by people signing up through your link they will become your referral and earn you 10% of whatever they’re earning. Not only this, you will also earn 3 levels deep a 5% at second and third levels.
  • If you need to send money to some friends / family abroad you can easily use the Adzbuzz wallet with the minute fee while if you use other paltforms like Paypal or Western Union, you need to pay some percentage of the amount as fee which is hefty.
  • There is a current offer to get the advertisement credits for life for one- time payment. Even if you do not have your website you can still use this offer to advertise affiliate offers to millions of members, all through life. You must have heard how many affiliate marketers have become successful businessmen by earning hundreds of thousands of dollars regularly, advertising on Facebook. They also spend a lot trying to zero in on what type of adverts work for them or not. But you can do all of this at zero cost in future by utilising the offer now.

These are the tangible benefits of associating with Adzbuzz. More importantly, for me, you will feel good by donating to the web publishers who sweat and invest their time to put contents for people’s use, who pour their heart out with good intentions, in several ways, like opinions, tutorials, web services etc. for which they do not charge but will feel good to receive donations for their efforts. It feels good to make others feel good, isn’t it? By the way, if you wish you can donate to this blog and see how the experience feels, first hand, by clicking the DONATE button at right of your screen.

How you can achieve Financial Freedom or earn money with this opportunity

It’s a long article and by now you must have got some ideas how you can use this to earn substantial money and possibly financial freedom. For your convenience lets list the ways you can use some or all.

  1. Become a partner site for free and get your link listed on the Homepage of Adzbuzz and inside dashboard in the list of partner sites, plus get 10k ad credits when ad server is launched.
  2. Advertise any offer inside Adzbuzz free for life by buying the onetime offer.
  3. Buy as much Adzcoin as you can at current rate which is in cents and you must have known by now that the value of Adzcoin would shoot up. You can follow the rate here.
  4. Signup to Adzbuzz, get your referral link and advertise the same as there is no limit on number of referrals you can have while referral income is 3 levels deep.
  5. Refer this article to learn the ways to earn Free Adzcoin and stack them to sell when rate shoots up.
  6. Use the API to earn income while providing value to other people through Internet in whatever way suits you, whether by making videos, participating in blogs comments or Forum comments, in emails etc.
  7. Use the Adzbuzz Pay to receive funds and save big on payment processor fees.


I believe it’s an intelligent idea which is in benefit of everyone whether it’s publishers or Internet users in general and would not just benefit the big corporates. It took birth with the right intention of helping people and is already in the final phase of development, getting ready to launch soon.

Would it bring revolution in Internet? I believe it would. You know the details now, what do you believe?

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