Change in Website Appearance & Additional Features

Hey guys, hope you are doing great.

You must have noticed the changed appearance of the website. So why is it so?

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Every day is a new day, a new opportunity to do something new, to have new different feelings, to live life with a new changed perspective towards situations in life. If we keep on following the daily chore every day, it would be like we are a robot fed with some programing to perform same set of commands every day. But we are humans, we have got mind to think our world and have got senses to feel that world and be happy and at peace.

Does it mean I will daily change the appearance of this website? No, absolutely not. So why did I mention all this? No reason, it’s something I felt like writing, just like that. 🙂

Anyways, so what is the reason behind the changed look & feel?

I launched this website with the theme “Help Others to Help Yourself”. Working on this theme and the thing I love the most “Freedom” I decide the contents of this website. These contents are the things that can help earn Freedom for everybody.

Now, the freedom is not limited to finances only.

Let me ask you a question. When you hear the word freedom, what kinds of feelings arise inside you?

To me it gives the feelings of happiness to me and all the people surrounding me, feelings of peace, calm and serene at every place I visit and in everything I do, feelings of abundance of money, health and other positive energies, the ability to do whatever I want every sec of the moment, I think I should stop here.

So, if you have just abundance of money do you think you will get all those feelings you imagined? I guess not. There are many riches out there who are still trapped in other kinds of stress. Diseases, struggling relations, even finances. They encounter such situations in their business that gives them money but also a lot of stress. Their business is such that they do not have time freedom. They may have the money but they are not at peace.

I want to create situations that allow me to feel like my spirits are up in the air, my body is surely under the influence of law of gravity but my spirit is not and if possible I want this feeling for the max people I can. This can be done through feeling good, happy, fit, calm & serene which Freedom in every sense can give.

So, in order to serve this objective I try to follow few qualities one of which is “Helping others”. When you help others you get a sense of accomplishment knowing someone is happy because of you. By the way it’s very easy to help strangers than to people you know. If you think over this you will agree with me. It’s because when you know the person you have lived few experiences with them that may affect your attribute of kindness. But that is a different matter to discuss of how to make our mind so strong that these outside factors do not affect our will.

Anyways, moving along the lines of the theme “Help Others to Help Yourself”

  •  I provide information where people can earn easy money (up to $250 a day), without investing much time and efforts, and earn financial freedom.
  •  I strive hard to write contents that provide knowledge as well as motivation to readers to achieve success.
  •  I try to answer all questions I receive personally to help people with their problems.

While doing all this, a thought occurred to me that the appearance I was carrying on till now of the website, was not in consonance with the theme the website is getting constructed. So, I decided to change it. After a considerable time of thinking and effort on trying new things, the current appearance suits the theme.

So, what the current appearance implies?

The theme of the website is quite apparent through the current appearance. It shows that the website aims at “Freedom for Everybody”, the unlimited number of birds flying in the sky imply freedom for unlimited number of people. Freedom, not just financial but in other respects too, which of course, involves Mind.

The appearance looks soothing and aims at providing the feelings of peace & calm to people which is what a person feels when they live their life in freedom from any kind of stress in whatever shape, size or thought.

It also tries to motivate people to adopt or nurture in themselves the quality of helping others because helping others is a way to receive happy, calm and peaceful feelings.

Apart from changed appearance you will also notice new features. These new features support the same theme “Help Others to Help Yourself”

What are the new features?

These features not only supplement the objective which I and my team strive to fulfill but they also try to involve other people as well. Hence, when more people follow the good qualities, that will make their world a better place to live in. So, to support the website theme

  •  I wrote an eBook which provides guidance to people to write their own eBook, sell it and earn money or distribute it free and build relations. Here, you may access the eBook.
  •  I provide free wordpress installation service and compliment it with a step by step guide so that people can feel comfortable in running their own website / blog.

So these are the new features, changes and updates on I hope you like them, enjoy and extract the max benefit.

If you have any comment, suggestions or opinions I welcome them.

Wish you luck!

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