Check mark theory for success motivation

“Check Mark” theory for Success Motivation

This content is written keeping in mind the fact that a lot of people start something but when they do not see success initially, they quit.

There’s a concept, call it a theory, which I follow in my life. This concept helps me stay persistent in the decisions I take.

So, with this content I attempt to try to explain the path of success (I believe), focusing on the start mainly. This is so because I believe once a person starts seeing the results of their work, those results (no matter how small) provides the motivation to them to stay persistent in their efforts. It is because mostly people trust on what they see in their external world rather than believing in their intuition. For them, these results act as motivation to stay put.

But generally, there is a time period for which we have to be consistent in our efforts and be patient even when we are not getting any results. It becomes uncomfortable to keep putting efforts without any reward and only people who are confident of their dreams & the fact that they will find the things required to achieve the targets, only they stay persistent and rest who are little weak in their focus, they quit.

So, this content attempts to give those people the motivation to keep on keeping on. So, let’s begin.

The Theory

Check mark theory for success motivation
Whenever you start any work, say a new business, a new JOB or some creative work, you are at level “zero” (0). It’s like asking an infant to do any work on his/her day “one” (1) in the world when they would be at level zero. By taking the example of an infant I want to emphasise that you do not have any experience at all for the required task. (Please note that by “level” I mean “mind”. I ignore physical abilities or capabilities here).

So when you start at zero, you will need time and energy to learn things about that particular task. Pointing to the diagram, while you are in the learning period, you are travelling “right-down” path of the check mark. This means, your performance will be in negative.

This is why the “start” of any task is difficult. There are two reasons for this –

  • Since your performance is in negative, you won’t feel good of yourself. You are unable to satisfy your ego as it feels you are not any worth.
  • Since others’ expectations do not get fulfilled during that period, their disappointment is, mostly, visible in their behavior which makes you feel all the more bad.

However, please note that those feelings are limited to “right-down” travelling period of the check mark. So, be assured that these are just temporary as things will come in your favor when you start travelling the “right-up” path.

Now, when you reach a certain level in your learning and have already spent a certain amount of energy and time, thereafter your actions start producing results. This is because you apply that learning you earned and sharpened your skills while you were in “right-down” segment, which starts giving you positive results. Henceforth, you start travelling the “right-up” path of the check mark. Here, things start moving in your favor as the more energy you spend the more result you produce, the more results you produce, the more you get rewarded, the more you get rewarded the more you feel good, the more you feel good the more you feel relaxed and feel stress free.

It is a universally known fact that the “right-up” segment of a check mark is bigger than “right-down” segment. So, it means that your positive performance period will be bigger than the negative performance period. Hence, you will experience favorable days more than the struggling days. This must give you the motivation that you need to be persistent up to certain point and after that when you start noticing the positive output it automatically will motivate you to put the efforts further and will ease your life.

Examples to understand the theory

Let’s take few examples to understand it better.

Example 1
Suppose you started a business. In the initial days, you will hardly see the sales and profits. There will be a struggling period where you will have to learn to market your product, to build relations with people, to build trust etc. However, you will have to incur various indirect costs in that period. So that means you are in the “right-down” path, yielding negative returns. Now, when and if you learn the intricacies of your business and the qualities required to get successful, by keep pushing yourself, after a certain stage you will start heading on “right-up” path of the check mark. That means you will start yielding profits and becoming successful. And this success period will be longer than the struggling period.

This is why in some countries, the Government also provides tax incentives for the initial days of the business because they accept the fact that it takes time to learn the business and hence they provide the provision of carrying forward the loss incurred in the business during that period.

Example 2
Let’s take another example, say you have just accepted a JOB offer from some organisation. In your initial days, the organisation would bear the cost of your “right-down” period. They would provide you salary and would incur other expenses on you, like training. But, when you start moving on “right-up” path, they would benefit as well. Now, longevity of this “right-down” or “right-up” period depends on various factors which involve your will of continuing with that organisation, too. But they know that “right-up” path is generally longer and hence, they bear the cost of your “right-down” period. There’s no monetary effect on you for those two segments because you do not take any risk in JOBs (or there may be some depending upon the Human Resource policies of the company). So, your effect is limited to the feelings you generate in each segment.

Example 3
Let’s take an example from the creative field, now. Suppose you are learning any music instrument. Initially you will spend your time, energy and may be money for learning (right-down period). Once, you have learnt and developed your skills up to certain level, you could use that in whatever way you want, either to earn money from that or to serve people and generate good feelings all around or whatever. That will be the “right-up” path.

So, we saw the applicability of the theory in all fields, whether creative or not. I believe if we accept this theory then we will be more successful as this provides the motivation to stay persistent during struggling days.

I also follow this theory in personal life choices, other than professional ones and it has shown me the results.

Why it’s easy to keep learning and keep yourself updated thereafter?

It is said that you should keep your knowledge updated all the time. So, taking the same “check Mark” theory let’s see why it is easy to keep ourselves updated.

As we know that life is difficult in the “right-down” period. Whenever we are learning new things we are not producing any output and hence do not feel so good. This is one of the reasons why people do not put the efforts of learning new things or updating themselves of the things they have already learnt because they fear of “not feeling good”.

Now, whenever some changes take place in any field, it takes place gradually. It is hardly so that the previous will get completely eradicated and new will take over, 100%. So, when we have once travelled the “right-down” path, means we have already learnt things and now on the “right-up” path and producing results. While we are in this “producing results” zone, it is easy to learn new things as we are already feeling good while producing the positive outcomes.

However, if we do not keep updated ourselves with the changes and new effects related to our niche/field, gradually a situation will come when our knowledge becomes outdated and so we again have to travel the “right-down” path if we want the results. We already know that is not comfortable. So, it is wise and easy to travel both segments of the check mark simultaneously and continuously update ourselves instead of enjoying the “right-up” period once and struggling for “right-down” period again, when need arises.


So, to recap we should be motivated while doing any new task, in two senses

  • We know that we will start travelling the “right-up” path once we reach a certain point or with time we will start seeing the positive & favorable outcome of our efforts.
  • The “right-down” path is shorter than “right-up” path. Hence, whatever the length of our struggling period is be assured that the length of favorable period will be longer.

Keep in mind these points and it would help you to reach your targets.

And Check mark in itself means that we are on the right path, right?


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