Trading in cryptocurrency to earn money

Cryptocurrency – a different way to achieve Financial Freedom

Hi, hope you had a fantastic New Year celebration!

To make your 2016 even more awesome and probably one of the last year you would work for money, I bring into your knowledge the opportunity you probably won’t find if you do not have dreams of achieving financial freedom and living the life of your dreams. I say so because these things are not discussed in routine life. I hope you read this with your full concentration and it strike with your dreams because helping people live in freedom is the primary motive of this website and by taking action on things you are about to read, you can do it.

So, why I decided to include this in my actions to live a life of freedom? It’s said that when you desire something sincerely, you encounter ideas, events and people who are a step towards your desires. So, when I got it I decided to act upon it. Living a routine life of getting up, going to JOB, have occasional holidays in order to live good feelings and surrender my freedom to somebody else who feels proud to control others’ lives, is not what I back. Hence, I took a different path to achieve my dreams. As you know this website aims to provide information, knowledge, guides, references and everything that could help in living the life of freedom.  So, this article attempts to provide an innovative way on which you can act upon and achieve Financial Freedom, hopefully quickly. Let’s carry on with what it is I am quite confident about and have taken steps myself to feel the life in real, the one I desire to live.

Trading in cryptocurrency to earn money

I would like to bring into your notice one cryptocurrency which holds the potential to be one of the Top Ranked coin in due time. Yes it’s a strong statement but I have equally strong back up behind this statement.

First, why I decided to include Cryptocurrency in this blog? And WHAT IS THIS CRYPTOCURRENCY and why the heck you should concern yourself with this?

Simple, this blog is all about getting knowledge and apply them in order to live the life of Freedom. So, achieving freedom financially is also required to live a quality life. Cryptocurrency has made people millions in the past and it will continue to do so for people who can think different and grab the opportunity with both hands. I am not going to elaborate on the concept of cryptocurrencies, you can read all by typing the word on Google. I am only concerned with the result it can give us, i.e., Freedom. So, I am making the relation with these because they have the potential to earn me financial freedom, so it can do for you.

So, here it is what it’s all about.

The currency is ADZcoins (ADZ). This coin is introduced in the last week of Dec 2015 and you can see its current position at coinmarketcap

So, why I say that it has the potential to be one of the Top Ranked coin?

To understand the reason I point out the very basic logic that the more the demand the higher the value. It’s a very basic rule of economics called Demand Supply Rule, which states that If demand is more than supply, then the value rises and vice versa.

So, how this rule applies to ADZ? The community behind the creator of ADZ is increasing its demand by creating multiple platforms where ADZ will be required. So this means its demand would increase and with the increase in demand the value will rise.

To give you an example in order to increase your confidence, you must be aware of Bitcoins, right? Bitcoins were the first cryptocurrency. Its value in 2009 was negligible. In five years’ time its value rose to $1000 per coin, incredible right! Currently it trades around $430. You can know about it at wikipedia (and I suggest you refer and read all, after all you can achieve Financial Freedom and drastically change your life so this effort is in your benefit).

So, how did Bitcoin’s value increase?

If you observe the growth, you can conclude that as the users of Bitcoin increased, so its value. A viral video resulted in over 6.4 million views, more and more merchants started accepting payments in Bitcoins, The Internet Archive ( a San Francisco-based nonprofit digital library with the stated mission of “universal access to all knowledge”) announced to accept donations through Bitcoins and intended to give employees an option to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoins,  University of Nicosia announced accepting tuition fee in Bitcoins…so in short when the users of coins increased it impacted its value positively.

Now, as I said the ADZ has the potential to be one of the Top Ranked coin. Why? It’s because the community behind ADZ is creating a number of platforms where ADZ will be used. This includes a Social Network, a Marketplace, a Crowdfunding Platform, an Online Shopping Place, a Marketing Forum, a Search Engine and more. These platforms will drive the demand. And once the marketing of these platforms start to show results, then would come the exciting times when the value of ADZ would rise and make people financially free.

Remember the boy, a Norwegian who made a $27 investment in Bitcoin and 4 years later received with an unexpected windfall of over $850K! This could be your chance.

So, what it comes down to is simple investment decision. Buy as much coins now as you can take risk for and when all the platforms are in full operation reap the rewards.

So, that’s it. Purchase the coins now when the price is low and the platforms are yet to become popular. Else if this does not seem suitable for you, then wait for another opportunity while believing in your dreams, you may find something else.

Wish you luck!


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