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Few tips and thoughts to improve Facebook Marketing

A lot has already been said about Facebook marketing but we are still unable to see the results out of Facebook that it has the potential to give.

Look at some of the latest statistics.

Facebook Statistics

Now, if we take just one inference out of these stats, consider the daily active users which are 936Mn for March 2015. If your business is visible to only fraction of this huge number, imagine what it can do to your profits. If we consider only Tier1 countries which is believed to be the most targeted, it is still more than 160Mn from just US and Canada [936*(1-82.8%)] who are active on FB daily. How many customers do you need to earn a few millions?

Suppose you get a slice of that population as your customers and if your product offers monthly revenue (which I always suggest), even if it is $1/month from one customer, will you need to look anywhere else to find the customers? So, isn’t it wise to concentrate all our efforts on improving our marketing strategy on this source, or at least assign somebody from your team on this particular market? Facebook has visitors of probably every age group and every shape and size, so whatever your product is you can get the customers related to your niche through this market.

If we are unable to take benefit of Facebook according to its potential that means we need to learn a lot yet.

Let’s look at some of the tips. Probably there are few tips which you already know but you need to read them again and analyse what you are missing, if you’re not getting the results you expect out of your FB marketing.

Let’s see if this can help you. Please read till the end because even if it’s just one point you can implement out of this article it can do wonders to your business because of the volume of population existent here.

What have you filled in your Profile Page?

Importance of Profile PictureYour profile page describes about you/your business. It’s a nice place to utilise to build relations with your visitors. The following points may help in this regard.

It contains 2-3 sentences describing your business. Use this to tell more in fewer words. For example, if I were to write an About for this website, I could have written something like

“The idea of this business created out of passion to help people by providing information, how to articles, motivation and earning passive money for them. The website is the source to gain traffic to your offers by using the advertising and sponsored posts space. This website is to be referred for getting done with the basics of an Internet Marketing business like setting up your blog/website and gaining knowledge, tips and tricks.”

It’s a rough draft but should be enough to give you an idea.

Tip: Do not forget to include the link to your website.

Profile Picture
This forms the main icon and appears in any search results or status updates. Since this is repeated every time you post or reply to a comment, hence it should be something which you want to leave an impression on your visitors. So, if you act like a solopreneur and want to build your brand name as a person, it could be your headshot, if your page is about a single product, then it could be the pic of that product, it could be the logo of your company etc.

Cover Picture
Facebook provides a good cover picture space so it’s in our benefit to utilise it appropriately as that is the first thing visitors notice (since its size attracts). The images should be of high quality. The image should fit the available space; if the size is small then Facebook will stretch it automatically which means your image goes blurred. To get an idea on what kind of image we should use here, it’s good to watch several bigger brands’ FB pages to notice what they are doing with that space.

Optimise for Mobile
The stats showed above tell us that around 800Mn users use FB daily on mobile hence, it’s a good idea to check how your page is looking on mobile devices, to view it from visitors’ point of view.

Importance of post content
No matter how professional and attractive you make your profile but if your posts are not good then people will hardly go further to know about you. So it is important to strategise your posts plan.

A common psychological lesson is, the things which are repeated stays on mind. Hence you need to consider how frequently you are posting. But remember, your posts should not irritate your visitors else they will start ignoring. Hence, along with the frequency of posting you also need to focus on the content you’re giving. So, how to do that? The following points may give some idea

  • The posts need to be engaging
  • The posts should provide quality information
  • The posts strategy involves a combination of pictures, texts, videos, links
  • They can be a poll survey

Now, you cannot incorporate every point in every posts and that’s not a nice idea even. Moreover, these are not exhaustive strategy (as there can never be since Internet Marketing is so dynamic it keeps on changing from time to time) but it should have given you some idea.

Your interaction – are you responding at the right time?

The Facebook is a social media site and not a business site in originality. Hence, people relate to that kind of mindset and have pre-formed opinions of that nature when they hear the term Facebook. Hence if you are doing your business on Facebook, you need to follow those basics. One such basic requires social interaction. Whenever someone comments on your posts be available to reply to that as soon as possible. And if the comment is some question regarding your business, it’s a business basic as well to satisfy your customers.

Your interaction increases the engagement. Attempt to have conversations in your posts. Using a Call to Action also encourages your fans’ responses to your content, like you can encourage a sharing. For example, create a contest or something and reward your visitors when they share.

These tips would help in increasing the engagement and the more the engagement in your posts (comments, likes) Facebook displays it in news feeds to more and more people.

Value addition

It’s not about you, it’s about how your fans can best be benefited, hence if there’s something which you think can benefit your fans which is from some other website or some other status update, like an article, a product or service, tell your fans about them in your posts. When they will see that you are concerned about them, they will trust you more and a relationship will build. Moreover, by sharing others’ contents in your Page you will form relationship with that person as well which is always good for your business.

Keep in mind how you can help others and you will find the contents to share.

Analysis of the progress reports

Facebook Analysis ReportIt is important to understand your numbers in order to improve them. This is the reason why exams happen in school, appraisals in JOB etc. If you want to improve your FB Page engagement, you need to analyse what kind of posts are getting more engagements and what are dead; the kind of your replies which sprouts the engagements further; what kind of posts (text, picture, etc) is liked and shared by masses, what contents you used in them; the poll you organised (if any) what were the results; and incorporate those results in your strategy.

You can find the reports to analyse under Insights in your Admin Panel. Export them for your analysis.

There is a nice descriptive article which explains how you can analyse the data to improve your content strategy. You can read that here.

I hope this article gives you some ideas and thoughts to improve your Facebook marketing strategy and help you in your business. Please do comment if you have any suggestions or something to say.

Wish you Luck!


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