In depth analysis

How To Increase Productivity, Get Results and Excel in whatever you do – Part 2, In Depth Analysis

Hey, hope you are doing great. In this article I will talk about the first trait out of a series of traits which if practiced and hence, formulated a habit, I believe then we would be able to see a lot more success in our activities. And success eradicates stress, right? Hence, helps in living light.

While introducing this topic I mentioned the reason for its need, why I decided to explore it and I also suggested writing these traits yourself, that will bring seriousness in you and so you can extract max benefit out of this topic. If you haven’t done yet then you should read the intro which would facilitate understanding the topic and grasping it better.

So, let’s concentrate our energies to the task at hand which is taking in the message of this article. Let’s proceed.

Ability to go deep into the topic, to do a profound analysis

In depth analysis

When you let anything come into your Life you form a relation with it. Whether it is some human being (friends, beloved, uncles / aunts etc.), a business, a JOB, studies, hobby or anything, when we are directing our energy in getting involved in it and not resisting it’s interaction with us, we are heading on the path of forming a relation.

Now, what is the meaning of forming relationship? It means that you have opened your mind to understand about that particular thing, you accept the pros and cons. Whether forming the relationship is voluntary or forced but when you are ready to form the relationship, your mind starts capturing the behaviors and attributes of the other person / thing.

If you are resisting to use your energy to understand the subject (whether a person, an activity or a thing), it means you have formed a shield disallowing their attributes to reach your mind. But when you agree to the subject, you lower all the guards and allow its energy in the form of its attributes to reach your mind and become memories.

Understanding “forming relationship” with the help of an example

Let’s take an example that you are forming a relationship with some hobby, say playing Guitar.

First, you buy the instrument and try to fiddle with the wires, it becomes audible and you like that sound. You say to yourself let’s play with it some more. You enjoy that and while playing, a thought generates in your mind, “how good I’d feel if I can actually get some harmony out of it!” So you make up your mind to understand how “playing the Guitar” works. You may visit a friend / acquaintance who know things about Guitar. You may open You Tube and start searching how to learn the basics of Guitar playing. You may join some Music school and learn from the experts.

Now, what is happening here? You are forming a relationship with your Guitar playing hobby. You are trying to understand things about Guitar. You have opened up your Mind completely to understand about the subject, the Guitar. You are learning about chords, the alphabets etc. The more you learn and the more you practice, the more you will feel the comfort. Feeling comfortable means your relationship is becoming strong. If you keep on going deep in your learning and keep on practicing continuously for scores of months, if not years, the bond between you and your hobby of playing Guitar will be so strong that even if somebody handles you the Guitar in your sleep, you would be able to play that somewhat perfectly. It happens due to the concepts of habit.

So, you see that when you allowed your mind to form relationship with your hobby you started from naive and became perfect. That’s because you went deep and deep into your learning. You used your energy to explore the subject rather than understanding it superficially and then stop. Your relationship with your hobby went profound and this helped you becoming a master of it.

Failing is not possible

You can take any example like forming relationship with studies, your JOB, with some Human Being, with the Business etc. you will only conclude that there is no possibility of failing if you allow your mind the profound analysis of that particular thing. You need to go deep into every analysis to understand the things and gain the education. You won’t excel by just having the superficial understanding and you can’t fail if you keep on making your relationship stronger and stronger every passing day. The only way to fail in anything is to Quit but you must be giving your 100% efforts to understand and to practice that thing.

Application of knowledge in Your Case

Now I would want you to think about the thing in which you want to excel. First understand at what level of understanding you are. Even before that, first analyse whether you are completely open to accepting and forming a relationship with that! By this I mean is your mind open to accept that relationship? Is your mind open to understand its attributes and capture an image of those attributes in the form of memories? Is your mind not shielded from its energies which penetrates your body to reach your mind in the form of its attributes required to form a memory after understanding?

If you believe you are open to form a relationship with the subject, then go and understand everything about it. If you’re having differences with some human being, sit down and start to know each other better. Discuss the issues, the situations you felt bad and why they reacted the way they did. What are their issues with you and why you reacted the way you did.

If you are forming relations with a new friend, talk about their experiences, know that person inside out, spiritually and not physically J. Talk to them about what gives them nice feelings, what troubles them. From the pettiest things to important ones, analyse that person deeply. Take notes about your analyses of that person. Revise that many times and those things will start to show in your behavior, automatically. That’s sub-conscious mind. You can’t help that.

If you want success in your business, research about every element, every aspect of that. Understand the concepts of the things which affect the results of your business. Take a pen and a notebook, research and make points, the headings of various aspects of your business and then various elements of those aspects. Then re-research about every element, what does it mean, how does it affect, what is its degree of impact, what is their current status in your business. Then the ideas will start flowing what you can do to improve. First understand the basics of your business then put efforts to keep yourself updated with what’s trending and what’s obsolete. Join the clubs in your niche and discuss. Form your mastermind groups.

Some things are static where you need to understand once and then just practice and with time you will become perfect but some things are dynamic where you need to constantly update yourself in order to see the results. What applies in your case is dependent on what you’re involved in.

If you’re ready to make the efforts, success is yours in everything you do, provided you are practicing other required traits too.

Deep thought required

Let’s stop here and ponder over what we just read. Go back and read it again, and then again to take the message in. Then let’s introspect (not a bit BUT a LOT) and find out the conclusions where we currently stand, what our mindset is? Do we really involve ourselves into every activity we undertake throughout the day? These conclusions will allow you to take productive steps towards your targets and towards a better Life.

Practice = Conscious Application, Conscious Application, Conscious Application becomes Habit & done

Though the contents may took you not even few minutes to read but it’s not any story. It’s the activity you are required to do which will help you progress in the right direction.

Education until applied is only a waste of time and non-sense for us.

The basic concept about Mind is, it takes in and forms the habit of whatever thing is repeated to it. So developing the required traits to succeed also requires continuous practicing. Form the habit of applying this education to whatever thing you are doing during the day. It might take you sometime extra to finish the task but you will be forming all important traits which will take you higher and higher.

Moreover, life is an experience and it is fun when you take the feelings in rather than hurrying up and finishing off with your activities and so living superficially. Taking the feelings in requires getting completely involved in that and taking time to fully experience every bit of it.

Tell me one thing, how would you like to enjoy your vacation, say on a mountain, whether you will like if you go there, sight-seeing for about half an hour and come back to your accommodation OR you would like when you go there sight-seeing for 3-4 hours at least, take every vibe of that place in, feel the atmosphere, make use of your gifts in the form of senses and enjoy!

I would love the second alternative and I am sure you too. Plus isn’t it what our first topic of “profound analysis” also conveys, to get profoundly involved! Whether you are experiencing the feelings and emotions of any relation or you are performing your work in any profession or enjoying any activity as your hobby you would be able to have positive feelings and would be creating happy memories when you completely involve yourself in that, when you go deep into that spirit.

OK, so I want you to write in your opinion what are the traits you believe are absolutely necessary to be successful. Think about it (profound thinking) and write it. I emphasise, do not just think and keep the thoughts in your mind, write it. Writing has a psychological reason which I will talk about later. So do it.

Do the above activities and I will come back with few words on another trait as soon as I finish drafting it. Meanwhile, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree with me or not? What are your reasons for your opinions? You can comment right here or through the mail or support, as you feel comfortable in.

Wish you luck!

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