Increase productivity through concentration

How To Increase Productivity, Get Results and Excel in whatever you do – Part 3, Concentration

When you read the Intro of this series, you would know that this topic attempts to discuss on few traits that would facilitate Success. When we achieve success we feel good, elated and hence Free 🙂 .

In my previous article in this series I expressed my opinions on profoundly involving yourself and doing in depth analysis. That could make us a master of our point of interest. With this article I would try to emphasise on another trait which will increase our power while doing the in depth analysis and could provide us with ideas that could prove THE thing we’re waiting for to achieve success. It’s called CONCENTRATION.

Increase productivity through concentration

Everything existent in this World is some form of energy. Human beings are also some form of energy. A human being has energy flowing through every cell in their body. If any particular part of the body is not having energy, it will go dead, it will become paralysed. The biological composition of human being requires them to continuously intake some chemicals for the appropriate functioning of the body’s internal organs. Most of these chemicals are in the form of food. These chemicals do nothing but provide required energy to the body.

If we start going in depth in the mythology and try to analyse what is GOD we will conclude that GOD is nothing but the name given to Energy. GOD is Energy. But let’s not go there and debate on controversial topics.

So the point I want to emphasise is that a human being is made up of energy. Now, a human being also has the power to control this energy. This Power is known as Concentration.

You must agree with me that a human being controls every action of theirs through their mind. When we are involved in something we are still breathing without any problem. However, whenever we want we can hold our breath for few seconds, depending upon our practice. Breathing is one of the automatic functioning of any human body but we can still control that when we concentrate our energy on holding our breath.

Our mind is the director of our body (in fact in a profound way, it’s a director of our life but for the purpose of this article let’s limit to body only). Our mind gives directions to our legs to walk, it gives directions to our hands to shake it with somebody, it gives directions to our nose to smell, it gives directions to ears to listen (which is extremely different from hearing, by the way. Do you know the difference? Think over it.), it gives directions to fingers to scratch the itch 🙂  , to experience the sense of touch and other senses, to close our eyes and so on and so forth. Without the instructions of mind our body can’t do anything, it can’t move even a bit.

So you know that every action of the body is controlled by mind. So in order to concentrate on something we need to bring our focus just to that task. Let’s elaborate.

Suppose a person is talking on phone. Generally if you have noticed, people have the habit of doodling. If they have pen and paper they’ll start drawing or writing random figures and shapes, if they’re using earphones then they’ll play with the wires, or they might be walking while talking etc. Now what’s happening is their energy is getting distributed to the act of doodling, playing with wire or walking. While if the person is sitting still in a relaxed posture and just concentrate on the conversation, they would be in a better position. They would be a better listener, they might be able to respond with a better reply (as concentration helps in generating ideas), they would be able to remember the conversation better when they concentrate (a tip to have a better memory) and so on.

Or take another example. Suppose a person is writing something, an article for their blog, or a write up for their business presentation. Currently majority of people have formed the habit of checking their cell phones every now & then due to all smartphone features. So, while writing, that person is urged, due to habit to keep on checking their cell phone. This lead to a break in the concentration and then they stay short of writing the best, because ideas generate when you concentrate. So weak concentration means not so good ideas.

So, when we are doing something and are able to stay still in rest of our body and concentrate all our thoughts on whatever we’re doing, it betters the performance, increases the productivity and helps succeed. It’s because when we concentrate on one thing then 100% of our available energy is being utilized on the task at hand and not getting distributed and wasted in unproductive activities.

Let’s see an example of how to use the power of concentration in getting ideas for the business.

Suppose you are required to create ads for your business. For few days, set out the time to watch the ads related to the field and industry in which you are building your business. Point out what catches your attention, what attracts you, what are the contents that make you click on that ad and read further, what type of pictures or banners that ad has, what kind of text is written there in that ad. Do it continuously with full concentration, with full attention to those ads. Let them instill in your mind. What you are doing is you are establishing the images of those texts, pictures, banners etc. in your mind. So, later when you create your ads for your business, the similar kind of ideas pops up in your mind. That will help you to create an effective ad employing the details which are already proved to attract attention.

Now, you might be thinking that it’s not necessary that the kind of ads which attracted my attention will attract everyone’s attention. Yes, it’s true. However, the majority of human population have similar kind of taste, they like similar kind of things. You already know that business earns more profit when you have more customers (due to fixed cost / variable cost concept). Therefore, whatever business strategies are employed by entrepreneurs, they are employed keeping in mind the masses, rather than specific class of people. Take an example from creative field. A commercial movie is made that would appeal to general public (which will increase ticket sales).

Increase productivity through concentration

Similarly, the power of concentration can be used to become productive in any area. In fact, you must already be using this power of concentration till now to get success. If you think your past you would realize that but the point is are you doing it now in whatever task you’re performing today? Or is your concentration not at best because it is hampered by your life struggles and cluttered mind?

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