Become productive, get results and achieve success

How To Increase Productivity, Get Results and Excel in whatever you do – The Intro

Consider a case. You hired two persons for the same JOB, currently on probation and you have to select one. Let’s call them

Candidate 1 – Ada
Candidate 2 – Mike

Mike does the JOB in 1 hour (60 min) with 85% accuracy.
Ada does the same JOB in 1.25 hour (75 min) with 70% accuracy

Assuming other factors which could affect the performance, are same for both and the trend of their results continues, who would you select as a permanent and who you would hand the pink slip?

If you are not emotionally inclined towards any gender 🙂  and only the performance is what needs to be considered as the factor to make the decision, I believe Mike will get selected.

Now, I feel sorry for Ada and wish her luck for future. However, she needs to analyse where she lag behind.

Become productive, get results and achieve success
Why did I select this topic?

I feel the need of this knowledge because I observe many people are working on same / similar projects still few are more, far more successful than others. If I go back to my personal experiences as well, I was on top in some cases and average in some others. So why is it so? Why wasn’t I on top in every task I performed? I introspected to find the reasons.

If you take the example of Internet Marketing, it is said that over 90% of people fail. Now defining the parameters before judging a project is failure is a different matter, like not able to earn a full time income or unable to develop a brand name etc. However, we can still safely say majority of people do not succeed.

So, why they fail? When people are getting success, earning money, lots of money in the same industry then why others are failing? You may say they do not have sufficient knowledge of email marketing, social media marketing, creating successful campaigns and A/B split testing or other technical reason. Sure these are important things, but even more important is the knowledge and Practice of other skills and abilities.

If that’s not the case then you already must be having infinite books and contents in other forms on your computers’ hard disk which should automatically earn you millions or billions. But no, you have to make use of those infinite contents along with skills and abilities available to a human mind, in order to succeed.

This is the case, be it any field or profession.

Let’s convince ourselves some more of the requirement of this topic before going ahead with the “How To..” in order to be absolutely serious and sincere while grasping the contents. This will help us in extracting the max benefits and doing justice to our time spent on reading the contents.

Example from a student’s life

If you take the life of a student, have you ever tried to analyse why some students perform better, some average and some fail? Your reply might be that it’s the level of interest in the study material which causes these variations in their results. But is it really true? Is the “level of interest” the real factor?

If you can succeed to have a heart-to-heart talk with the students who are toppers, you would come to know that not all the toppers are interested in what they are studying. However it is the outcome of being a topper, the rewards, tangible, or emotions and feelings that the student experiences, that provides the motivation of performing well.

So how does that “Motivation” helps? It allows development and use of few qualitative traits in the students the application of which makes him perform better. Similar is the case with people who are in JOB or Profession or Business or Movie Industry or Sports Industry, etc. They are driven by motivation to achieve a certain result. Now if you can be taught of those traits specifically, rather than getting half-knowledge by chance from somewhere, how your life would change?

It’s hardly the technicalities in any field that makes the performer excel, technicalities play an important part but its role is small. You would have seen many successful individuals who are not as good in technicalities as some others but they are more successful and you would have noticed many educated derelicts too.

But from the start we focus only on educating ourselves with just the technicalities of a field. It’s the knowledge of other important traits that make us excel which we leave to be developed by chance in ourselves or in our children.

If we focus our energies on developing other important traits, it will help us grow faster in Life and live a better, probably Dream Life and we will feel that we are above millions of people who don’t make an effort to grow themselves beyond academics.

I will cover this topic in various sessions to explain deeply and clearly what I want to convey. These will be in no particular order though as no trait can be prioritized.

Please note these are my personal opinions and I encourage people to form theirs because forming opinions are an important way for self-development. Moreover, the traits are the habit of mind and any habit is formed due to repetition. So, practice is required in our everyday life to see the results.

So I will be back with the first trait as soon as I finish drafting it. Till then you might like to write yourself what these traits should be. Make a list and I would like to take a look at it too, would you share it with me?

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