My Story

MohitI am Mohit Mishra and I am an Entrepreneur as an Internet Marketer. My beliefs are formed and circumambulated around four words, “its all in mind”.

In my former life I was a Chartered Accountant working in corporate world.

For quite a significant part of my life I followed a normal process of growing up. Complete the schooling, select a Professional Course for Higher Education, study hard to stay ahead of the competition (whoo! how heavy that single word makes life) and clearing that. Then comes another phase where you have to find a JOB, give interviews (again competition), make big promises, show phony self (because although people say to be yourself in the interviews but they do not have guts to accept you when you say the truth) and do what not, to get the JOB. I didn’t feel like doing but still did that. On getting selected, focus less on performing your JOB and more on things like office politics and other stuffs to satisfy the ego of influential people. I Could Not do that and so faced a lot of problems, but tried to live with them.

All the while it seemed like I am travelling on a wrong route which is taking me away from the journey I want. Where I am waving hands to peace, serenity, happiness, self-respect, love watching these getting smaller and smaller with the increasing distance of every passing day, and heading towards stress, diseases, fights, insane mind, probably death. All this loss for the return of what, a salary? Where is the excitement of living the Life, the energy and adrenaline which my body is composed of? Isn’t Life a gift? I have all human body parts and all functioning senses! I don’t know. It felt like I am being conned.

In my few years of experience working for other’s (company owner) dreams for a monthly salary, I kept on asking question to myself, “What am I doing? Is this the Life I want? Can I see myself, if alive, then in proper health after living in such stress? High time to take a decision.”

So I took the step of taking a break not knowing what I will do.

Was it easy? Definitely not. Watching yourself going to zero from a descent position is never easy. But better question is, was it right? Yes, it was. I started getting relaxed, feeling just a bit of calmness.

Did people support me? Maximum did not, raising questions on my capabilities, my decision power but you cannot judge a bird by how fast it can swim against current. If the bird swims that means it is super talented, to perform going against what it is meant to do. However, some who matter to me they did support, not whole-hearted but they still did and I am grateful for that.

What I did after that? Struggled, period. For a long time I was indecisive what to do. All the normal process I followed throughout life, I ditched that. So the skills I learnt, almost gone useless.

In my quest of answers, finally I bumped into something that gave meaning to my life. Though I did not realise at that very moment but later something flicked my mind that made me realise its importance. I started researching about the same. Spent a whole lot number of months on it, all the while the questions from people about my future haunting me.

This way I came to Internet Marketing and found a different world altogether. Not having a clue about it at the start, but exploring it with the help of a friend..Google. Life is so exciting since. Sure there are challenges but challenges of being an entrepreneur is much better than those were in JOB.

Is it easy..this Internet Marketing? Of course not. It’s a business, but on Internet. It has same struggles as in any normal business but equally, in fact multiple times better rewards.

Why multiple times better? Because your business is open 24*7*365, your customer base expands to people all over the world. The governments of countries helping you by improving their infrastructure, so more people can use Internet and hence become your potential customers.

What is its future? I have already elaborated on it in this article.

Who can do Internet Marketing? Anyone, provided they are ready to go through learning experience.

I have one suggestion this moment for you, whatever your dreams are, imagine those and just go for it. Ignore all outside voices just listen to your intuition and do it.

Wish you luck!

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