“Check Mark” theory for Success Motivation

Check mark theory for success motivation

This content is written keeping in mind the fact that a lot of people start something but when they do not see success initially, they quit. There’s a concept, call it a theory, which I follow in my life. This concept helps me stay persistent in the decisions I take. So, with this content I … Read more

The Future in Internet Marketing

Internet Business

All the doubters of Internet Marketing, this article would strengthen your confidence in it and would probably motivate you manifold to work towards your dreams of living a rich, dot com lifestyle. This article was written because I read at places that fellow marketers are facing issues in convincing people that Internet Marketing is a … Read more

Few tips and thoughts to improve Facebook Marketing

Facebook Statistics

A lot has already been said about Facebook marketing but we are still unable to see the results out of Facebook that it has the potential to give. Look at some of the latest statistics. Now, if we take just one inference out of these stats, consider the daily active users which are 936Mn for … Read more