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The Future in Internet Marketing

Internet Business

All the doubters of Internet Marketing, this article would strengthen your confidence in it and would probably motivate you manifold to work towards your dreams of living a rich, dot com lifestyle.

This article was written because I read at places that fellow marketers are facing issues in convincing people that Internet Marketing is a real business which is causing hindrance in their growth. You can refer people to this who doubt you in your IM business.

After reading this article you will come to know why Internet Marketing is a prudent choice of earning money and, a descent if not rich for everyone, lifestyle. You will notice why every big brand is utilising this super power to earn more and more, how it is going to get only better. You will see a boost in your confidence that you have chosen the right path. So let’s begin.

Some facts to support the cause

Look at a screenshot below.

Advertisement on Internet


Now, why do brands are spending so much on Internet? It’s because they see the returns. Their ROI is impressive to motivate them spend more. Hence they are making use of Internet to increase their profits.

Let’s look at a table showing Sales happened through Internet for some geographies.

Sales trend on Internet

So when this much money is getting spent on Internet, why not get involved and earn a fortune yourself!

What Established Brands are doing
If you notice, many big brands are making their online presence felt. They have their FB page set up which has millions of fans, they tweet amongst their millions of followers, and almost all have their website. In short, they are doing things to make their brands popular in Online World.

Now, why would they attempt so? It’s because they already know the importance of Internet. The buying and selling decisions are made here and if their product is available that means more possibility of sales and hence profits.

Moreover, the way you can interact with other people and build your relations with them online, you hardly can do so offline and who can deny that successful business is based upon successful relations with customers, right!

Future prospects of Internet Marketing

With the advent of Internet, a plethora of possibilities took birth. One of them was to earn money. Not just earn some money on the side but earning a handsome full time income. Getting attracted to the use of Internet, people started spending time here. As the Earth continues to take multiple revolutions, the users of Internet keeps on adding up.

Let’s look at the graph below to understand it.

Increase in number of Internet users

It was the graphical representation to understand the growing trend. Let’s look at the numbers as well in the table below.

Increase in number of Internet users

You see that the percentage of users increased from 0.3% in 1993 to 40.4% in 2014 and if you notice the trend, it’s on the rise every year. We also note (in fact, already know) that the population is on the rise as well. The population increased by around 30% in the said period (7,243,784,121-5,578,865,110/5,578,865,110).

Unless something abnormal and weird happens, the trend will continue and we will see the growth in Internet users continuously. 40% is very less. With the growth and improvement in Infrastructure happening in countries, this number is bound to increase. Hence, the best is yet to come.

Why you can succeed

It is common sense that a business earns profit more at a place where there is more population. So, it’s wise to open your business in an area where the population is increasing.

Now, there must be some doubts in minds like those brands already have their products but you don’t so you won’t be able to build a flourishing business online.

You are dead wrong.

Look at some of the names who earn more than a million dollars a year online. Not all of them have their own product to sell. Most of their earnings are from affiliate marketing (selling others’ products on commission) which probably most of you are currently into. Take these names as your inspiration.

Generally people start by selling affiliate products (either individually or with a team structured through Network Marketing) and gradually launch their own product. They have one thing in common, they stay persistent in their efforts.

The economy is at best when the money is not hoarded. So, when there is a flow of billions of dollars on the Internet, when these amounts of dollars trade hands here, the industry is going to get growing. When you become a part of growing industry, your growth is already taken care of. Become one of those hands and fill your fists, regularly.

Every dream starts small, turns big and then huge when nurtured

So, fill up your cartridges with your dreams, go out in the market with all guns blazing and reach the target you set for yourself. Ignore all the naysayers and doubters.

I hope this article gives you the push if you’re staying behind in your quest to your aim.

Let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below.

2 thoughts on “The Future in Internet Marketing

  1. Hey Camohit,
    Just found your blog while browsing the WF and loving it BTW.

    It’s crazy to think that the business were in is still in it’s infancy.

    Looking forward to the years a head!


  2. Hi Mike, hope you’re good. I am glad you’re loving my efforts. It makes my day to hear.

    Yes, as we saw the facts. The data clearly says that there’s so much of money in this industry that one can only imagine what life they can live, if they are willing to put the effort. The growth which we are yet to witness is mind-blowing just to imagine.

    Wish to hear from you soon.

    Wish you luck!

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